Basic On - Leash training includes : 

  • Sit / auto-sit
  • Down
  • Heel 
  • Place
  • Loose Leash Walking 
  • Recall

Questions or Concerns : 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding training your pet please feel free to contact our Dog Trainer La Nae


We offer training as an addition to your pet's stay with us because we make your pet's safety our number one priority. With our training, your pet will not only learn the basics of being a calm confident dog on their stays with us but you will see an improvement in your pet's behavior at home, at the dog park, and on their walks.

An important part of training is building a relationship with your pet and teaching them proper on-leash behaviors while also improving their obedience and recall skills.  By developing a relationship and improving their obedience and recall skills, your pet will not only be safer both in and out of our facility, but their trust and respect with you and our staff will grow. 



Training your pet is a journey that will take time, but will ultimately improve your relationship and trust with your pet.

For training we offer Day camp where your pet will be trained on days they visit us for daycare. As well as Board & Train where your pet will stay with us and be trained everyday for the entirety of their stay.  


Training $650-$2000

Day-Camp and Board & Train includes: 

  • Daycare - Socialization & Exercise
  • Break time - Before and after each training Session 
  • 2 hours of training - Broken up into small sessions throughout your dogs stay
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