To provide a positive and safe environment for our guests, all pets must meet the following:

       - Free from transmittable infections, fleas, and ticks

       - Proof of a Negative Giardia Test 

 All dogs must be spayed/neutered by 7 months of age or be subject to a 20% price increase.

Current on vaccines:

                 Bordetella *Every 6 months

                       (booster required even if yearly vaccine is given)

                 - DHPP (Distemper/Parvo/5in1) 1yr or 3yr

                 - Rabies 1yr or 3yr​

​For the Convenience of our customers we offer the following :

Giardia Test $32.78

Bordetella 6 month booster $27.31

Wellness Requirements

K-9 Orientation

 By Appointment Only - 7 days a week; starting every hour between 10am-2pm!

Orientation required(5 hours) - No charge for first 5 hours; after 5 hours normal daycare rates apply.

The K-9 orientation is our way of introducing your dog to our facility and staff. All dogs must be people friendly and capable of integrating into an off-leash environment in order to have a successful orientation. 

​​ Registration Paperwork

Give us a call to set up your pup's orientation!

(909) 391-2140

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