960 Brooks St.

Ontario, Ca 91762

Phone: (909) 391-2140


Email:  info@playful-paws.com

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​​​​​​Wellness Requirements

To provide a positive and safe environment for our guests, all pets must meet the following:

  • In good healthfree from transmittable infections, fleas, and ticks
  • Must be Spayed or Neutered 

​               - We will take fully vaccinated puppies under 7 months 

                   (Must be spayed/neutered by 7 months of age to continue using                                     Playful paws Boarding and Daycare services)

  • Current vaccines:

                 - Bordetella*Every 6 months

​                  (booster required even if yearly vaccine is given)

                 - DHPP (Distemper/Parvo/5in1) 1yr or 3yr

                 - Rabies 1yr or 3yr

         Titers accepted

K-9 Orientation

  •  By Appointment Only - 7 days a week; starting every hour between 10am-2pm!
  • 1/2 day orientation required (5 hours)  No charge for first 5 hours after 5 hours normal daycare rates apply.

​​The K-9 orientation is our way of introducing your dog to our facility and staff. Not only to ensure that your dog will socialize well in our group environment but to make sure that ultimately we are a good fit and meet the needs of service for both you and your pet. All dogs must be people friendly and capable of integrating into an off-leash environment in order to have a successful orientation.

Orientations that were not successful in the given 5 hour time frame (not due to human/animal aggression) will be subject to a probation period. During that probation period we will allow your pet to socialize with regular stays,while being closely supervised. At the end of each stay we will provide daily reports and determine if we will continue the probation period.

~~we are unable to accept any dog that wants to physically harm or cause injury to another dog or human and/or displays behaviors that warrants negative reactions from other dogs.~~


>>Meet all Wellness Requirements<<

>>>Complete Registration Paperwork<<<

>>Complete a K-9 Orientation<<

To provide a positive and safe environment for all guests


Registration Paperwork  

Complete a Registration Form

Provide proof or current vaccines​​

Once the registration process is complete, you can come by for daycare any time. ​​

Schedule your tour and orientation today!

(909) 391-2140

Available 7 days a week

By Appointment Only