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Available 7 days a week

By Appointment Only

960 Brooks St.

Ontario, Ca 91762

Phone: (909) 391-2140



REMINDER: Latest check-out for daycare and boarding is 9:00pm Daily

1/2 day of play check-in available until 2pm
We do not charge to prepare owner provided food or administer medication



Day of Daycare  7am-7pm daily                    25 1st dog            20  2nd or more                 

Early Drop Drop-off   6am-7am                 without Package

Extended Pick-up7pm-9pm daily                5  1st dog per hour       2nd or more per hour        

1/2 Day of Playany 5 hours or less              15 1st dog               15  2nd or more

Orientation Trial up to 8 hrs before 7pm   NO CHARGE         15 7pm-9pm 


Day of Daycare 7am-9pm daily       15/cat

Daycare Packages

10 Days of Play                              200 each dog                

Includes extended pick-up and drop-off. Units do not have to be used consecutively. Expires after 6 months from purchase. Non-refundable. 

Unlimited Monthly Package                415 each dog

30 days of daycare only from day of purchase. Includes extended pick-up and drop-off. Non-refundable.

BOARDING~includes daycare~ 


Per Night                             401st dog         322nd or more

Early Drop Drop-off  6am-7am         10 without Package

After 1pm check-out            15 1st dog            15 2nd or more

must be checked-in by 5pm


Per Night                    20 per cat

After 1pm check-out 

Boarding Package

10 Nights of Boarding       380 1st dog    300 2nd or more

Includes after 1pm check-out and early drop off . Units do not have to be used consecutivley. Expires after 12 months from purchase. Non-refundable.  


Bordetella 6-month vaccine     25 

Frosty Paws Frozen Treat          4 per single serving

House Food                               2.50 per cup