We offer a full day of cage-free dog daycare 7 days a week. Whether your pooch is a shy first timer or a seasoned daycare pro, we take the time to learn your fur baby's personality, play style, and quirks to help them socialize in a positive manner. Also, to encourage them to be the best they can be both with us and with you at home.

~2 Separate community play areas with one dedicated to small dogs.~

We place emphasis on positive socialization for all our guests and understand that play styles differ. Some can play chase all day, some love playing fetch, and others just want to cuddle. We do not use daily activity schedules and restrict activities to specific time frames. We plan each day as it comes so that each guest gets a personalized experience with us that is fun, positive, and to their enjoyment.

Dog Daycare 

Daycare Prices for 5 hours or less is $20 

5 hours or more $30 

Extended hours $5 per hour

Early check in $5

Daycare packages available 

10 full days includes early check in and late check out for $250

10 1/2 days $180

Discount prices for more than one dog!

Daycare hours 7am-7pm

Extended hours as early as 5am and as late as 12am

All packages expire in 90 days no exceptions!

Daycare includesall day play, live feed cameras, 24 hour staff, and daily activities in our temperature controlled play spaces.

 * Mid-Day Sanitization *


We here at Playful Paws like to keep a clean environment for your dog's to enjoy, for that reason we include our facility mid-day sanitization. This includes all dogs to be brought out of the space and individually placed  into 42in to 48in large sized kennels for the hour of the process.

While a group environment can be very exciting, we do encourage relaxation when needed. Private naps can be given if requested or if our staff deems it necessary -- so that your fur-baby does not over-exert themselves. ​

All dogs that participate in services at our facility MUST be capable of socializing with other dogs. It is okay to be shy or timid at first or even be a high energy social bug, but fighting, extreme dominance, or any other excessive negative behavior that can not be corrected is not allowed. We want all of our guests (your pets) to be comfortable and happy while in our care.  

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