We offer cat daycare and boarding 7 days a week 365 days a year. We understand cats aren't the most social animals and therefore make each of their kennels as comfortable and home feeling as possible. During the day your cat will be provided the opportunity to jump, scratch, and nap on our cat tree along with some free roaming in our cat room. Our staff is on-site 24 hours a day to provide the best supervision and pet care possible.

Sleeping: We have large spacious multi level kennels to allow for plenty of room to walk around and stretch. Each kennel has its own bed, litter tray, water bowl , and food bowl. ~Overnight supervision provided~

Feeding: We feed based upon your instructions. We prefer our guests to continue their regular diets with food from home to avoid any complications with allergies, sensitive digestive systems, and diarrhea. Refrigerator and freezer is onsite for storing wet food, raw food, and any homemade meals or specialty diets. There is no charge for preparing meals with owner provided food. 

Medication: No Medication Fees.Prescription medication and vitamin/food supplements can be administered and/or prepared with meals at no additional cost. We ask that all medications are labeled and that you verify all medication instructions at the time of drop off.

Cat Boarding and Daycare

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            Daycare $20

            Boarding $30