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Feeding: All dogs are fed separately. Food is never given while free roaming in the group. We feed based upon your instructions. We prefer our guests to continue their regular diets with food from home to avoid any complications with allergies, sensitive digestive systems, and diarrhea. Refrigerator and freezer is onsite for storing wet food, raw food, and any homemade meals or specialty diets. There is no charge for preparing meals with owner provided food.

Medication: No Medication Fees. Prescription medication and vitamin/food supplements can be administered and/or prepared with meals at no additional cost. We ask that all medications are labeled and that you verify all medication instructions at the time of drop off.

 * Mid-Day & Early Morning Sanitization*

​11am-1pm / 3am-5am

We here at Playful Paws like to keep a clean environment for your dog's to enjoy, for that reason we include our facility mid-day sanitization. This includes all dogs to be brought out of the space and individually placed  into 42in to 48in large sized kennels for the hour of the process.

Dog Boarding

Boarding Price $50 per night

Discount for multiple dogs.

Boarding price includes all day play, 24 hour supervision, live feed cameras, daily activities in our temperature controlled play spaces, and any feeding/medication provided by you.

Discounts available for extended stays.

We offer cage-free overnight boarding 365 days a year and our staff is on-site 24 hours a day to provide the best supervision and pet care possible. Along with our nightly slumber parties, each quest participates in all daytime activities at no additional cost.

~2 Separate community play areas with one dedicated to small dogs.~

Sleeping: We have cage-free slumber parties and YES! the dogs do sleep through the night. After a long day of play it's easy for your pooch to sleep soundly through the night cuddled next to their canine friends. The freedom to sleep where and with whom they choose is a less stressful and fun alternative to traditional dog kennels, especially for dogs who are used to having free roam privileges at home. Plenty of bedding is provided for each slumber party participant. ~Overnight supervision provided~